work /The Matter of Matter (Part II) :

The Matter of Matter (Part II)

Platform Graduate Award Showcase 2013, 

Turner Contemporary, Margate. 9th Oct - 9th Nov 2013.

The Matter of Matter (Part II) was a durational and semi-performative installation in which I transformed the Turner Contemporary gallery space into my studio, exposing and interrogating my working process to an audience on a daily basis. The work gradually evolved over the exhibition period through a layered and open-ended process of unpacking, examining, cataloguing and re-packing the contents of my studio whilst simultaneously producing new objects and interactions. 

In this way, the exhibition served as a medium and a test site rather than a resolved endpoint, putting into question the supposed functions and expectations of the production and exhibition spaces (and of Turner Contemporary itself). 

The installation and working process lasted for

3 weeks.

For the remaining 2 weeks of the exhibition, 2 catalogues were displayed - a typewritten one, listing the installation's entire contents (produced during the work period); and a photographic catalogue documenting the installation  itself.

(more images coming soon...)